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Street Children Gather To Pray For Deceased Former Indian President Abdul Kalam



DELHI: A group of street children gather together to pray for former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

As reported by The Hindu, members of non-profit organisation CHETNA also accompanied these street children as they paid a tribute to the late former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Children between 7 to 17 years were part of this prayer meeting.

Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam, died on Monday July 27 as a result of cardiac arrest. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was the President of India from 2002 till 2007.

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As India is deeply saddened by his lost, a prayer meeting was held in one of the day care homes of CHETNA (Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action). Approximately 40 street children took part in this prayer meeting.

At this occasion the children expressed grief over his demise and shared their feelings about the former Indian President as they conveyed lessons that they learnt from him.

Asif, a 15-year- old, rag-picker said: “I read about him in my classes here. He came from a small village and became a scientist and then the President of India. I am not sure but I think that he also worked like me to earn bread for his family. His life story is very inspiring for me.”

16-year- old Aslam said: “I had a dream, that one day we will meet him and convey our feelings. I had rehearsed a dance number along with my peers and we wanted to show it to him but my dream could not come true.”

Coordinator of CHETNA, Ms. Shaswati said: “In the morning when I opened the centre children came to me and kept asking about the demise of Dr. Kalam. I was really surprised when they requested to hold a prayer meeting, which we happily agreed,”

Sanjay Gupta- Director of CHETNA said: “Their tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam will be useful if government arrange all facilities for underprivileged children, that Dr. Kalam was visioning for.”