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Strong Reaction From Christians In KPK To Pervez Khattak’s Controversial Statement


PESHAWAR: Christian circles in the Provincial Capital react strongly to the controversial statement of PTI leader, Pervez Khattak.


PTI leader-Pervez Khattak
PTI leader-Pervez Khattak

Most of the leaders are not afraid of saying that, the attack on the Pentecostal Church in Peshawar came in the course of discriminating tensions after the province’s Chief Minister Pervez Khattak of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party reportedly said that  Muslims “cannot be hired as sweepers and cleaners” as these jobs should be done by minorities, including Christians. In his statement he said, Sanitary workers (Cleaning drains, streets and roads) job will be given only to Christians, Hindus and lower casts.”

In response to his statement, quite a lot of minority groups expressed their annoyance over what they called the leader’s “narrow-mindlessness” while demanding him to step down from his office.

Life for All Pakistan said the remarks “that only the minorities are fit for sweepers has hurt the sentiments of the minorities” clearly violates PTI’s campaign pledges including “giving equal rights and opportunities to the religious minorities”. However, “after coming into power they speak and do otherwise,” the group said.

The dominant party PTI has additionally threatened to bring to end supplies of the NATO military alliance and to gun down the US drones- the unmanned aircraft used by the United States to target militants in the area.
Islamic militants, whom Human Rights activists claim to have links to government officials, have very often portray Christianity as a “Western religion” while falsely accusing local Christians of having ties to “Western occupiers.”