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Sudan: 12 Christians arrested for sharing the Gospel with locals


In line with Christian persecution watchdog International Christian Concern (ICC), Sudanese authorities have arrested 12 Christian men on Saturday, October 14. These Christians were detained for sharing the Gospel with local Muslims.

Christians arrested in Sudan

ICC reported that the detained Christians are from Darfur. Reverend Kuwa Shamal was quoted by ICC saying: “The arrests were done at Nyala market while the young men were interacting with Islam adherents, building rapport for witnessing, when Sudan’s security authorities surrounded them and led them to the police station, handcuffed”.

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“Some of the arrested men are disciples that I baptized in 2015 when they left Islam and converted to Christianity. The detainees have been doing a recommendable work of sharing the Good News in Darfur, and we pray for their immediate and unconditional release,” ICC quoted Kuwa.

A local lawyer who advocates for Christians says that the case against Christian detainees is a complete breach of the law. The detainees were never a chance to explain what happened. Since the start of this year, Christians have been arrested on multiple occasions. There have been occasions when Christians clashed with the government. In August, a group of Christian leaders were cleared of criminal charges by a local court. These Christians claimed that the government had tried to take over the denominational control.

Few days later, Sudanese court ruled that the government had unlawfully confiscated the property belonging to the church. The property was bought Christians who claimed the church was built in 1989. “Other buildings lying in the same stretch as our church were spared during the demolishing because they belong to Muslims,” ICC quoted Reverend Yahiya Abdurrahman Nalu. “It is this partial application of the rule of law that agitates us.”