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SUDAN: A Pastor Arrested Without Charges, Wife Asks The Authorities “What Was His Crime?”


A pastor arrested in Sudanese capital without charges.

Wife of the arrested Pastor still asking the officials-  what was his crime?
Wife of the arrested Pastor still asking the officials- what was his crime?

According to details, a Pastor of South Sudanese descent was arrested by Sudan’s National Security and Intelligence Services (NISS) the police without charges in the capital, Khartoum. Rev. David Yein Reith of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church was arrested on January 9 as he returned to his home at the Gerif West Bible School in Khartoum from a prayer meeting.

Sources reveal that Rev. David Reith had received a phone call prior to this the same day that his wife and 1-year-old son will be arrested if he failed to go to his home immediately. “We will arrest your entire family should you fail to come home as soon as possible,” the caller told the pastor, according to the source. On the other hand, Rev. Reith’s wife has been asking NISS officials under what charge her husband has been held, so far the authorities have not answered. According to her, “We are still interrogating him; he is in custody,” one NISS official told me.

This is worth mentioning that Article 77 of the infamous Public Order Law of 1991 authorises police to arrest Christians and other people without cause for “creating a public disturbance.”