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Sudan: Churches vexed by anti-Christians posters


Churches in Khartoum complain about anti-Christians posters, calling for a boycott of Christian feasts. In this regard, Sudanese Minister of Guidance and Endowments said that he received a formal complaint from the Christian clergy about the posters. Reportedly, the radicals had called for a ban of Christian feasts.

Christian persecution in Sudan

Details have that that the radicals had covered the walls of churches with these posters. In December, thousands of posters were found pasted on the walls of the churches in Khartoum. In a statement, Minister Ammar Mirghani Hussain stated that Islam “does not forbid Muslims from congratulating people of other religions, especially Christians.”

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He highlighted the fact that some fatwas (religious edicts) issued by Muslim scholars had urged Muslims “to communicate with all religions, cultures, and groups. “ He stated: “Islam does not forbid congratulating non-Muslims, especially Christians, on their religious occasions.”

He said that Islam promotes co-existence. He further said that such negative propaganda should not be allowed to sow dissensions between Sudanese Christians and Muslims. He urged for a peaceful coexistence between communities of faiths.

United States Commission for International Religious Freedom, in its report on Sudan stated:”Religious freedom conditions in Sudan deteriorated in 2015 as government officials stiffened penalties for apostasy and blasphemy and continued to arrest persons accused of apostasy and Christians. Since 2011, Sudan’s minority Christian community has endured arrests for proselytization, attacks on religious buildings, closure of churches and Christian educational institutions, and confiscation of religious literature.

The trials against Bahri Evangelical Church Reverends Yat Michael Rout and Peter Yein Reith concluded on August 6, 2015 when they were convicted of minor offences and released from prison on time served. Rev. Michael had been arrested in December 2014 and Rev. Reith one month later after protesting the Sudanese government’s efforts to confiscate Bahri Evangelical Presbyterian Church property. Rev. Michael was convicted of breaching public peace and Rev. Reith of inciting hatred.”