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Sudanese Pastors Imprisoned for Faith, Face Death Penalty


The Presbyterian pastors, Yat Michael and Peter Yen (also known as David Yein Reith), were arrested and imprisoned during separate visits to Khartoum. They have been on trial since May 19.

They are Sudanese pastors facing death penalty and have also been charged for spying after traveling to North Sudan. Another charge that they face is “undermining the constitution and inciting and offending Islamic beliefs.”

Supporters say their arrest is just another way to stamp Christianity out of Khartoum. The militant Islamic government has been postponing the trial and persecution is at all time high.

The two pastors had been initially detained without charges in December 2014. Local churches have reached out to human rights organizations asking them to seek assistance in the case and urge the Sudanese government to respect the Christian minority.

David Curry, CEO of persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA, told Fox News: “I’m fearful that they will execute these pastors for practicing their faith. Things are getting more and more difficult in Sudan for Christians.”