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SUDAN:Police Beat And Arrest 38 Christians, Sudanese Believers Urge Christians Worldwide For Prayers


Persecution of Christians stepped up by the Government in Sudan.

Christians in Sudan urge Christians all over the world for prayers
Christians in Sudan urge Christians all over the world for prayers

According to media reports, the government of Sudan has increased its persecution of Christians since mid-November, In doing so, many church grounds were confiscated and numerous Christians were beaten and arrested in at least three attacks in North Khartoum.

Police on December 2 stormed into the Khartoum Bahri Evangelical Church and compound smashing its gate. Police surrounded the complex thus preventing anyone from fleeing or entering, and beat and arrested 38 Christians for refusing to surrender their property to the government. The arrested Christians were released on the same day however sentenced to pay fines of $250 each. Police severely beat Christians, including church elder Daud Bashir and a female Christian who was rushed to the hospital.

The victimised Christians have requested prayers from Christians all over the world and have expressed unwavering determination to defend their faith.

“We have enjoyed worshipping and praising God in prison,” one victim said. “The power of God was present among us; let the name of God be praised and glorified from now and evermore.”