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Sukkur: Police accused of abetment to Mission Compound attack


Christian community of Sukkur protests against the alleged involvement of police in New Year Eve’s attack on Mission Compound. For this purpose about 4500 people assembled from all corners of the city and protested in front of the Sukkur Press Club. The protesters demanded that justice must be served to the perpetrators as they chanted slogans against police and land mafia.

Sukkur Mission Compound attack

In keeping with the statement from Munawar Gill, a local resident of Mission Compound; the property belongs to Diocese of Hyderabad, under the administration of Church of Pakistan. He said that the land mafia has procured forged documents, and is claiming of false right to the property.

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He said that on December 21, some police officers called on the residents of Mission Compound and demanded for proof of the ownership of the property. The policemen warned the Christians if they were not able to present reliable documents or else they would throw the Christian residents out of the premises.

Munawar Gill went on to reveal that about 20 people; some in dressed in plain clothes others in police uniforms arrived at the compound and started knocking at the doors. As soon as they were answered they started beating residents of the house indiscriminately. He claimed that the attackers had beaten Christian children, women, elderly and men with clubs.

He said that about 20 Christians were injured some of them severely injured. Among one of the injured is Professor Suleman Sohail, whose legs were fractured as a result of the torture. His son also sustained severe injuries.

Followed by blatant attack by the mob, the affected Christians approached Section B, Police Station in order to get their complaint registered but were asked to return on next day to get their FIR registered. As a result of the reluctance shown by the police, local Christian community was exasperated over failure of police to provide them adequate security against the mafia.

While remaking in this regard, Director of CLAAS –UK, Mr. Nasir Saeed said that attack was condemnable and a brutal action of the police. He said that he was saddened to hear about the incident on New Year’s Eve. He asserted that all properties belonging to churches throughout Pakistan are vulnerable to land mafia.

“The land Mafia grabs or buys these properties very cheap from the pseudo owners and then develop them and sell them for the large profits. This is not the only church property but there are several church properties throughout Pakistan that have ownership disputes and cases are going on in courts for years.

Sadly, Christians are the most suffering community in Pakistan and every day we see reports in the media about their suffering, but the government is not willing to pay any attention while Christian representatives are proving good for nothing.”

At the same time, he urged the government of Sindh to look into the matter and take efficacious action against the perpetrators. “Also I hope the residents will be compensated and will be assured of no such action against them in the future by the police,” he said.