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Support for the “separate Christian Province” from Christian leaders


Christians leaders support “separate province for Christians” movement, launched by Pakistan Christian Congress.

Pakistan Christian Congress
Pakistan Christian Congress

The Christian leaders from every sphere of life give their assent to the movement of separate province for Christians; originally launched by the Pakistan Christian Congress.

Among these are Siddiq Nawaz( renowned to people of Sindh for his J.Salik like fashion of protests opposite Hyderabad press club),Karamat Chohan, Father Victor Sardar and Father Khadim Sabir. Answering a question about the separate movement movement, they stated that with a view that more than 20 million reside in Pakistan; the task is still a laborious one, but the struggle should go on.

On the other hand they remarked that they did not by any mean support of boycott of the upcoming elections scheme. It follows that; they will certainly be dispossessed of representation in the assemblies.