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Surveillance of mosques and churches is required to impede radicalization says, Ben Carson


Ben Carson

High level of surveillance is required in churches and mosques in order to rein in radicalization

In keeping with details, US Presidential candidate Ben Carson has urged for inspection and surveillance at all places “where there is a lot of radicalization going on” including churches and mosques. “I would be in favour of monitoring a mosque or any church or any organisation or any school or any press corps where there was a lot of radicalisation and things that were anti-American,” he said.

“We need to get very serious about our intelligence,” he entreated. While he also did not clearly define “radicalisation” or “anti-American,” but however, said that FBI needed some additional resources to scrutinize people as at present according to Carson, FBI could only afford to observe “30 to 60 people” at a time.

Moreover, another Republican Donald Trump also expressed similar idea that Muslims living in the USA should be monitored, while urging for a registry of the American Muslims and asked to close some mosques.

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“Hopefully we already have a database of every citizen who is already here. If we don’t, we’re doing a very poor job.” Prior to this, Donald Trump made mention of the records, and urged that Muslims needed to be registered or carry particular identification. “We’re going to have to look at a lot of things very closely.”

Carson, at the same time called for same treatment with American Muslims as with other American citizens. “One of the hallmarks of America is that we treat everybody the same. So if we are just going to pick out a particular group of people based on their religion, based on their race, based on some other things that’s pretty dangerous precedent.”

He also warned by saying that it has become indispensable to survey particular mosques “where there’s a lot of activity going on radicalising people. I favour doing whatever we have to do to protect the American people. And if, in fact, there are mosques where there’s a lot of activity going on that’s radicalising people, they must be treated differently,” he said.