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Sweden orders Pakistani Christians to leave, while Muslim refugees are being welcomed



Sweden rings danger alarms for Pakistani Christians, as it orders most of them to leave.

According to details, many of the Christians who hail from Pakistan have been ordered by the Swedish authorities to leave. These Christians are of that opinion that Sweden is displaying double standards as Muslim refugees from Syria are received warmly and the country’s borders are open for them. Nonetheless, “If you are a Christian and you are from Pakistan, you may well have to pack you bags and go home.”

One of these Christians who have been ordered to leave is Faisal Javaid. Faisal is a convert from Islam. “I don’t have any more belief in Islam,” he said. It was when a Christian girl namely Eka, who herself is from Georgia evangelised to him that he embraced Christianity.

This girl Eka, introduced Faisal to Lord Jesus Christ, and as a result Faisal was baptized in April earlier this year. However, now as a Christian, Faisal Javaid is facing rejection from Sweden. It was not long ago, when the Migration Board of Sweden hurled a deportation order at Faisal Javaid, his wife and a daughter. According to the Swedish Migration Board, Faisal Javaid would be deported to Pakistan, whereas, his wife Eka and their daughter would be sent back to Georgia.

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Eka, Faisal’s wife while talking with an international media house said that this deportation would separate her family. She said that she want her family to be together and safe while if Javaid goes back to Pakistan he might be facing some serious threats. She said, Muslims consider him an apostate now.

“If we will be deported, our family, relatives, friends, everyone, they just think this is their responsibility to kill us. We want just to save our life. I want to stay with my family,” Faisal said.

In this regard, Gabriel Donner, the lawyer of Faisal Javaid said, “They didn’t care if he was a convert or not. And the practice here in Sweden has so far been that no Christians from Pakistan need any protection.”

“As long as Faisal can prove that he is a true believer, he’s safe,” Donner explained. In accordance with the European Union rules, protection is provided to those who have converted from Islam to Christianity in the EU member states.