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Switzerland: Migrants converting to Christianity recent report reveals


An increased numbers of refugees in Switzerland are reportedly converting to Christianity. The churches administrations are not maintaining a record of the conversions in Switzerland; nonetheless, the Christian counselors have confirmed a surge in proselytization. Recent report details that following the refugee crisis, there has been a sharp increase in the trend.

refugees converting to Christianity

Switzerland’s Counseling Centre for Integration and Religious Affairs claims that there has been a sharp increase following the outpouring of refugees in Europe. Counseling center’s coordinator Kathrin Anliker stated: “In recent months we’ve been told mainly of Afghans and Kurds who have converted. On the other hand, it may also be that some who can now be baptised in Switzerland, were already Christian in their home countries but kept it secret for fear of persecution.”

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Additionally conversions to Christianity were reported by Philippe Dätwyler of the Reformed Church in Zurich. These conversions were mostly witnessed in Switzerland’s free evangelical churches. “The strong piety and the family atmosphere that prevail in the free churches meet the needs of converts rather than the somewhat non-binding regional churches.”

Kathrin Anliker further explained that there could be three reasons behind the tendency; primarily there could be personal conviction, secondly some may try to utilize church in order to incorporate into the Swiss society, thirdly some are of the opinion that converting to Christianity will help them for securing asylum.