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Syria: 15 Christians set free by ISIS after receiving “jaziya” from them


Syrian Christians freed

At least 15 Christians freed by the terrorist group ISIS.

According to media details, ISIS has released 15 Christians who were held in the central village of Al-Qaryatain, Syria. “A group of 15 Christians who had been under house arrest by IS in Al-Qaryatain were released and arrived in Fayrouzah,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Previously, earlier in August 230 civillians were held hostage by ISIS including many Christians. An Assyrian Monitor from Human Rights has confirmed the release of 15 Christians and that they had arrived in Fayrouzah, on September 4 Friday afternoon.

Local activists reveal that ISIS has released these 15 Christians are receiving Jaziya, which is a tax imposed on non-Muslims. This move of ISIS comes after news report that ISIS had signed a “dhimmi agreement” with Christians in the village, referring to the status of non-Muslims in the group’s self-declared “caliphate.”

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However, a Syrian priest Father Jacques Mourad, who was kidnapped from a monastery in Al-Qaryatain in May, earlier this year by unknown assailants was not among those released and is believed to be in ISIS custody.