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Syria: 21 Christians killed by ISIS says a Syrian Orthodox patriarch


Syria crisis

Ultra extremist terror group ISIS has reportedly killed about 21 Christians in Syrian town of al-Qaryatain.

Al-Qaryatain fell in the hands of ISIS in August last year, however at the time of its capture reportedly about 300 Christians were still remaining in the town while others fled. Reports have emerged that the terror group has executed about 21 of the Christians who remained in the town.

The head Syrian Orthodox Church Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II, recently confirmed the reports that 21 Christians had been executed by ISIS. Those who had been killed included 3 women also. He told the BBC that some of the victims were killed while they were trying to flee; while the others were killed for violating the terms of their “Dhimmi Contracts”, under which they are obligated to give in to the rule of Islam.

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He went on to reveal that at the moment, about 5 more Christians are still missing, who are now believed to be dead. He said ransoms were paid by families of other Christians who were held in captivity by the terror group. He further revealed that the situation became worse to the point that there were warnings being issued by the group that they will be selling Christian girls into slavery.

Despite living under extremely hostile rule of the ISIS, he is of a determined spirit that he will endeavor to refurbish harmony among people of different faiths remained in al-Qaryatain. “We lived this situation for centuries, we learned how to respect each other, we learned how to live with each other. We can live together again, if we are left alone by others.”

After being under the control of ISIS, al- Qaryatain has been completely annihilated; nearly all the streets and building have been reduced to rubble, including an ancient 1,500-year- old Catholic monastery. Nonetheless, just last week the Russian-backed Syrian forces were successful in recapturing the town from the clutches of ISIS.