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Syria: A jihadist experiences God’s mercy gives his life to Lord Jesus Christ


Syrian extremist

A radical Islamic extremist turns away from persecuting Christians and gives his heart to Lord Jesus Christ.

According to Gospel Herald, an Islamic extremist who was once a persecutor of Christians in Syria has reportedly converted to “his victim’s religion and experienced God’s mercy and grace in an incredible way,”according to one missionary’s account. Gospel Herald quotes a long-time missionary to the Middle East and author of the books Killing Christians and Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?,

Pastor Tom Doyle, revealed the story of Osama, who was an Islamic extremist member of radical group Jabhat al-Nusra, which is Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda, however, God had a different plan for his life. His life took a turn when a Christian missionary began sharing the Gospel with Osama. Soon the Holy Spirit bit by bit began to soften the terrorist’s cold stony heart. Sooner or later, he yielded his life to Lord Jesus Christ; completely turning his back to his former way of life.

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After the conversion of Osama, the terror group to whom he formerly served was infuriated by his newly found faith. The jihadists of the terror group tortured him brutally. They scheduled to execute him, however, just a night before he was to be executed he was given an option that if he would renounce Christianity his life would be spared. “Despite facing certain death, Osama refused to deny Christ.”

The jihadist who was to execute him, got impressed by Osama’s persistent Christian faith that he decide to save him. “When we blindfold you, and when you hear the first shot, hit the ground and do not move. Pretend that you are a dead man.”

Osama did as his executor advised him, he did not open his eyes, pretended to be dead. After few minutes when he finally opened his eyes he found the members of the jihadist execution squad all dead and the jihadist who was leading the squad was gone. In this way, his life was saved. Osama is currently in a safe place.

Open Doors Persecution watchdog group has placed Syria as the fourth most dangerous place for Christians to live in. The 2015 World Watch List of countries where Christians face the most severe persecution for their faith, Syria comes at number four. Extremist groups including, ISIS and Al-Nusra are trying their utmost to purge the region of Christianity.

Pastor Tom Doyle claims that he has witnessed the Church grow in miraculous ways across the Middle East and other such parts of the world where it is difficult to practice Christianity. “Jesus’ message of love and reconciliation thrives in a climate where hostility, danger, and martyrdom are present. Persecution and the spread of the gospel are as inseparable as identical twins. Suffering propels the growth of Jesus movements around the world,” he writes.

Pastor Tom Doyle encouraged all believers to ask themselves, “Are you willing to suffer for Jesus? Are you willing to die for Jesus? For you as a believer-if you answer ‘yes’ to the two questions-this is a spiritual game changer. Everything will be different now.”