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Syria: A shell hits a church in Aleppo, congregants miraculously remain safe


Churches in Syria

About 400 Christians miraculously escape death as an anti-regime group targets the church in a Syrian city.

According to details, a shell which was fired by an anti-government extremist group hit a church in Aleppo. The shell hit the church when a Sunday service was going on in the church and at that occasion about 400 congregants were present inside the church.

Church of St Francis, which came under attack is situated in in the Azizyeh suburban district of Aleppo. However, seven congregants were injured as a result of this attack yet no deaths were reported. On the other hand, the Franciscan bishop claims that there could have been more casualties, causing a massacre.

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Bishop Georges Abou Khazen stated, “It was about 5:50 in the evening, inside the church there were at least 400 people and it was the moment of Holy Communion. Had the shell exploded inside the church there would have been a massacre.”

He was of the opinion that the shell was fired from an area which is currently under the control of anti-regime groups. He affirmed that the shell exploded on the dome of the church and did not penetrate further into church building which saved the congregants.