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Syria: Christian congregants continue to worship in a church defying ISIS’ threats


The congregation of the Alliance Church in Damascus, Syria continues to defy threats heaped upon them by ISIS. The congregation led by Pastor Edward Awabdeh, have continued have continued to support each other amid growing fear and uncertainty. Previously, a bomb fell on Pastor Edward Awabdeh’ house but fortunately it did not explode.

Christian persecution in Syria

Meanwhile, tens and thousands of Christians chose to flee from the country, this congregation decided to cling to their native land. “Really it’s very important and meaningful for us as Middle Eastern to see the church with its roots deep back in history stay there and just stay to do the work of Christ there,” says Pastor Awabdeh. He oversees twenty other churches along with his congregation.

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“Not just to keep a name but to keep a name with a power and life and really making a difference in the lives of people and in the country, like a light in the darkness at that part of the world,” the courageous pastor continues. Pastor Awabdeh is helping 2,000 families who have stayed back in Syria. In this feat he is being assisted by his wife, and Open Doors, a Christian charity group. Pastor Awabdeh and his wife, provide post-traumatic support to the children while engaging them using counseling and other activities.

Pastor Awabdeh says that he and his wife chose not to flee because he takes it as a privilege being in his homeland, at a time of chaos as it is currently. It’s not a sacrifice at all, he said, adding that people who are left behind need them badly.

Every week the congregation of 250 members meets despite threats from the ISIS terrorists who have barred Christians to attend church services. Defiance to the ISIS terrorists leads to torture or even death. In the midst of these threats, Church has become a source of peace and hope in the war-torn Syria. God is touching people’s hearts even at this time of calamity, and for that we ought to be thankful to him, he said.