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Syria: Christian militias and Kurd forces come face to face as hostility grows


Syrian Christians

Christian military forces and Kurdish militias come face to face in Syria’s North Eastern region.

According to details, there are reports of rising tensions between the Kurdish and Christian militias north eastern region of Syria- Jiazira. While remarking about this rise in hostility; Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo, head of the Syrian Catholic Archdiocese of Hassaké-Nisibis said, “In those two terrorist acts” refers to Fides “13 Christians and six Muslims died. No one knows who is behind this attack, but it is believed that the Kurds are behind these attacks.”

One of the recent incidents of clashes occurred after the attacks on two Christian owned restaurants in Qamishli; followed setting up of strongholds by the defense groups of Christians in order to protect the areas which are inhibited by Christians predominantly. It was reported that, the Kurdish militias attacked the strongholds set up by the Christians.

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After two days, the Kurdish forces of PYD attacked one of the two strongholds. As a result of this attack, the Christian militias responded by firing; thus both parties were engaged in a cross fire.

Additionally, Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo said that Mgr. Hindo who was a Syrian Orthodox militiaman got killed while six Kurdish militants got wounded as a result of this crossfire. What is more, he went on to explain that “Behind these tensions, there is also the strategy of the Kurds, who seek to acquire a position of strength with a view to claiming independence.”

He also said that another reason that the Kurdish forces are increasingly attacking the Christian militias is that the Christian militias are acting in coordination with the Syrian regime and army. “Meanwhile, jihadists continue to sell oil: there are columns of tanks that from the territories of Deir el Zor head to Iraq and from there go to Turkey. They are clearly visible, but some pretend not to see them. They have to make this journey because the direct route to the Turkish border is now under attack by the Russians”.