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Syria: Christian women and children flee from an ancient Biblical town as ISIS militias advance


Syrian Christians

Women and children flee from a Syrian Christian town which the ISIS militias have in their cross hairs.

In line with details, the militias of Islamic State (ISIS) have initiated an advance against Sadad, a Christian town of Biblical times. Syrian Christians believe that this town is also mentioned in the Old Testament by the name of Zedad in the book of Kings. In anticipation of an attack, women and children of this town have fled while men mostly Christians remain to defend their town from the terror group.

Suleiman Khalil-Mayor of Sadad said, “Around 60 percent of the 12,000 residents, particularly the women and children have fled to other Christian villages in the province, like Fayruza and Yazdal. The men are staying behind to defend the town.”

A 22-year-old resident of Sadad says, “We are threatened by Daesh (ISIS) because of our religion. They threaten the whole world. We are staying here to defend the town and prevent the tragedies and massacres that happened in other Christian villages from occurring here.”

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“We are afraid of massacres but we are also afraid for our churches because the Islamic State group has already blown up religious monuments in areas it has captured,” another resident of Sadad said. “The Russian advisers have been seen in town and some people have taken pictures with them as souvenirs,” said another one.

Furthermore, Sotoro- a Syriac Christian militia based in the north-eastern province of Hasakeh, has installed 250 of its fighters to lend a hand to residents of Sadad in fending off the militias of ISIS. “We’re here to defend all Syrians in general, and our Christian brothers in particular. We are ready to repel any offensive,” said a 26-year-old Sotoro fighter.

Reports have this that on November 1, ISIS militias reached Maheen, a town just 10 kilometres east of Sadad. Ever since that time, terrorists have fired dozens of mortar shells at the Christian town Sadad; which has killed several civilians along with fighters.

Moreover, ISIS militias have also captured another Christian town, Al-Qaryatain, where the ISIS terrorists have abducted hundreds of Christian residents, where ISIS terrorists blew up an ancient Christian church.