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Syria: Christian women in a hell-like situation owing to abduction and selling incidents


Christians in Syria

Syria has factually turned into a hellhole for Christian women.

While revealing the hell like condition which the Christian women have to face on daily basis, a Syrian Sister Hatune Dogan while talking with the CBN News has disclosed horrid experiences of Christian women.

Syria has happened to be an out-and-out conflagration for Christians, but predominantly so for Christian women, she said. Christian women who wander in their neighbourhood have to face whole lot more than just simple jeers and catcalls from the masses of Muslims.

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While sharing with CBN News what she has seen in Syria she said, “They choose the most beautiful one, even if they have a small child, and they sell these women, these ladies to each other. They don’t sell to another religion, only Sunni Muslim.”

These Christian women who fall into their hands are further pushed deep into hell when they are sold to Islamic State militants as sex slaves. The situation is becoming worse day by day as the incidents of abduction of Christian women are increasing gradually. This, she says, “is the highest barbarism on earth in the history until today.”

Other than holding just Islamic State responsible for this scourge; she indicts their religion. “Islam is not peace, please,” she angrily said. “Whoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam or something like this is; he’s a liar. ISIS is Islam. Islam is ISIS.”

Sister Dogan herself had to leave Turkey when she was a young girl because of the persecution of Christians at the hands of local Muslims.