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Syria: Christians are facing a “genocide” a report says


Syrian Christians

Syrian Christians facing “genocide” as the atrocities of world’s ultra terror group ISIS and other such outfits continue to target Christians.

In keeping with a report by the Aid to the Church in Need, Christians in Syria are being persecuted to the extent of genocide. John Pontifex, the editor of the Aid to the Church in Need, said that the Christians in Syria are facing persecution which can be termed “genocide,” whereas, the time has come when the rest of the world should come to the aid of the persecuted Christians in Syria.

This report was titled, “Persecuted and Forgotten? highlighted the plight and oppression of the Christians in Syria from 2013-2015. Pope Francis, expressed his approval and support for the Aid to the Church in Need’s efforts to help the persecuted Christians in Syria.

John Pontifex while commenting about the persecution of Christians in Syria said, “For the Christians there is the other dimension of very direct persecution. Indeed, we have had reports of what we really can call genocide. Christians being put under pressure by being killed, being forced from their homes, being forced to convert, being forced to pay a jazia tax – an Islamic tax – and all evidence of Christian culture destroyed: Churches, chapels, crosses sanctuaries.”

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He further pointed out to the fact the persecution of Christians isn’t limited to some areas, but is ongoing in all across the country. He said that the persecution is “severe enough” for Aid to the Church in Need to be troubled about the “motivated ethnic cleansing of Christians” from Syria.

He revealed that not only the terror group Islamic State that is committing atrocities against the Christians but several other terror groups are also targeting Christians. These militants have one obvious and resolute objective that is “clearing the place of Christians.”

While talking with the Vatican Radio, John Pontifex said that all especially the Christians who believe in religious freedom, have an obligation to get their support for the persecuted Christians in the Middle East be noticed by the international community.

“We need to stand up for religious freedom. We need to stand up for the right of Christians to remain in their place of origin in the birthplace of Christianity, the cradle of Christianity. The threat to the survival of Christianity in the region is very grave, and the moment to act is now.”