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Syria: Christians besieged as Syrian army and rebels battle for possession in Aleppo


Thousands of Christians remain besieged, as the Syrian army fights rebel forces in Aleppo. Syrian army has laid siege to the eastern section of Aleppo, which is under rebel control. As a result of army’s seizure of Aleppo’s northern “Castello” supply corridor, thousands of Christians are trapped and imperiled as they face lack of supplies.

Civil war in Syria

Aid to the Church in Need, a Cathollic charity discloses that a Syrian clergyman Franciscan Father Ibrahim Alsabbagh said, “It means that we no longer have any chance of living. Some believe that it would almost be better to die.” Followed by rockets fired into western Aleppo, by the rebel forces, a siege was triggered. Father Ibrahim narrated, “250 rockets fell on the inhabitants of western Aleppo.” He said that the situation is escalating beyond endurance.

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Aleppo is second largest city of Syria, and was home to roughly more than 150,000 Christians prior to 2012. It has been estimated that two thirds of the Christians, have already left the city. Father Ibrahim further said that Christian living in government-controlled sections of Aleppo “at least have the right to live and the right to believe in their faith.”

The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Aid (OCHA) stated that the humanitarian aid is being blocked from flowing into the eastern part of Aleppo, which suffers from aid blockade since July 7. OCHA evaluated that about 145,000 people can be fed for a month with food supplies available in Aleppo, before all the supplies get exhausted. Nonetheless, more than, 600,000 people are living in only the eastern section alone.