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Syria: Christians caught up in a cross fire as the combat against ISIS augments


Assyrian Christians caught up in a cross fire as the fight against the terror group Islamic group rages while some villages purportedly occupied and looted by the Kurdish forces. Previously in February 2015, when the terror group had attacked the Kahbour River, more than 30 villages of Assyrian Christians fell into the hands of the terrorists.

Assyrian Christians

In line with the World Watch Monitor at the time when Khabour River in the Syrian province of Hassake was attacked by the ISIS militants more than 200 Assyrian Christians were kidnapped by the militants while at least 35 Christian villages were captured. The Kurdish forces were expected to fight off the ISIS, but instead they occupied the villages.

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In the wake of raging violence a prominent Syrian Christian had revealed that the Kurdish militia had been intimidating the Assyrian Christians and had been committing violent acts against the Christians in Hassake province. The Assyrian television had reported that the Kurdish forces are systematically looted the Christian villages.

The Assyrian Christians who had been driven out of their villages are still longing to return to their houses after ISIS is defeated. In sharp contrast some of the Assyrian Christians are so terrified and traumatized that they never want to return to their homeland.