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Syria: Christians pay $1000 to ISIS for leaving the areas under the terror group’s control


Christians in Syria

Christians stranded in Syria’s north eastern areas; which are under the control of ISIS; pay $1000 to leave.

In line with details, the Christians who were left high and dry in Syria’s north-eastern areas including the northern city Al-Raqqa, when ISIS, laid siege and banned all Christians from leaving. Thus Christians were left besieged, unless they paid the terror group a sum of $1000 as a tribute in order to leave for safer areas.

While telling the media about the plight of the Christians, a media activist Salim Raqqawi told, that ISIS terrorists have appointed dozens of agents to collect an amount of US $ 1,000, as a fee for anyone including Christians who would want to leave the areas under the terror group’s control.

He went on to reveal that ever since ISIS has laid siege, a number of families, including a majority of Christians, have opted to pay the set amount of fee and left Al-Raqqa for comparatively safer areas in the northern suburbs of Al- Raqqa.

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“ISIS extremists have recently banned dozens of Christian families from leaving Syria’s northeastern city of Raqqa, especially after the U.S.-led coalition forces intensified their airstrikes on the group’s headquarters in the region,” he said.

As has been widely circulated in the media, the terror group ISIS had been actively using the Christians in Al-Raqqa, along with other religious minorities as a human shield. “ISIS extremists would have been eliminated for a long time ago unless they hide among civilians,” the media activist said.

Terrorist group ISIS imposed a set of severe rules on the remaining Christians, forcing them to hold fast to Muslim dress codes and to pay jizya, (an Islamic form of taxation designed for non-Muslims.) Christian properties were confiscated by ISIS commanders while the Christians who remained were prohibited by ISIS laws to buy properties.