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Syria Civil War targeted Churches in Damscus


On Monday at about 2 in the afternoon suddenly rebels fired a barrage of mortars in the Bab Touma an ancient Christian district and al Shaghour district. In result of the shelling many churches and building were destroyed since it was a Christian area.

Freedom Fighters Shelling In Damascus

This bombardment is the result of conflict between the freedom fighters and the government forces nowadays.
The Syrian Civil Defence, White Helmets said that the insurgent shelling and artillery struck killed one civilian, injured six and wounded several people in Arbin and al Marj respectively.

White Helmets the first responders of the Syrian Civil Defence also reported that people are confronting breathing problems after the missile attack on the area Douma.The missile is supposed to be having chlorine in it.

The eastern Ghouta is under the control of military where about 400,000 civilians reside since 2013. Therefore people are facing the shortage of their basic necessities like food, water, medicines and fuel.

According to UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights report, till November about 60 Syrians who were living in Damascus have died due to rebels shelling. This monitoring group also reported that 350 civilians died due to the air strike on eastern Ghouta by the Syrian regime.