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Syria: Four Christians killed in twin suicide bombings by ISIS


Syrian Christians

Christians die in recent twin suicide bombings in Northeastern Syria.

According to fides, four Christians were among those who lost their lives to the twin suicide bombings on Monday September 14 in Hassaké, in the northeastern Syria. This was confirmed by the Syrian Catholic Church authorities in the area. Terror group Islamic State has claimed responsibility for te blasts.

Fides sought to verify this news and contacted the local Syria Catholic Church, while the authorities confirmed that four Christians were killed as a result of the two bomb blasts on Monday. It was furtehr revealed that all the four Christians killed in te blasts were from the same family.

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Both of these attacks were carried out by the Islamic State. The suicide bombers carried out the attacks using by car bombs in two separate areas of Hassaké. In one attack, the headquarters of the Kurdish militias was the main target of the suicide bomber while the other suicide bomber targeted the area controlled by the regime and Syrian army.

Previously in June earlier this year Hassaké experienced ruthless and massive attack by the militants of the Islamic State. As a result of that brutal attack, thousands of Christians had to flee. Most of those Christians, who fled from their homes at that time, had returned to their homes after the Kurdish militias and Syrian army troops re-conquest of Hassaké.

However, these attacks point out to the fact that there are still some residual of the terror group in some neighborhoods and suburbs of Hassaké, this further indicates that there may be future attacks from ISIS against the city.