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Syria: Heavy bombardment decimates as many as 200 Christians


Heavy bombardment in the Aleppo, a Syrian city where as many as 200 Christians have been massacred in past few weeks in bombardments. Aleppo which is already battered by war, has been witnessing women and children exterminated as a result of the airstrikes.

Genocide of Christians in Syria

In the midst of the wanton killings of Christians in Aleppo, a Christian aid group Barnabas Fund has urged all believers to pray for the Christians in the city. “Lift up in prayer the Christian community of Aleppo and all innocent civilians in the city following a sustained period of bombardment, which mainly targeted the Christian area.”

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Between April 22 and 30, about 1,350 rockets struck a Christian neighborhood in Aleppo. As a result about 132 people were killed; women and children making the half of them. On May 3, further bombardments rocked the Christian quarter in the city and 65 more Christians perished.

“Of the 65 killed on May 3, an estimated 35 died when Dabbit Hospital, which treated only women and children, was destroyed by a rocket explosion. Two patients died whilst on the operating table. Another hospital in the government area was damaged in part and has now been closed down,” Barnabas Fund notes.

This heavy loss of Christians’ lives is being lamented by the church leaders in the city, as they denounce the unending intense war between the government and the rebels. They said that Christians in various cities in Syria have been caught up in the cross fire.

Father Ibrahim Alsabagh says, “Never, since the beginning of this terrible war, were things as bad as they are now. I have no words to describe all the suffering I see on a daily basis.” Father Alsabagh explained about 50,000 Christians have been are left in Aleppo, with only the lowly and those incapable to escape left behind. “So many houses have been partially or entirely destroyed, and so many people killed or severely injured,” he added.

“And when the bombs do stop falling, there is an eerie silence, like in a cemetery. The streets are as though everyone has died.” Christians, however, are not inclined to lose hope as they continue to help the other victims, providing food, clothing, medicines and other necessities while working in collaboration with charity organizations. “But at least I thank God that through His Grace I am able to be a good Samaritan to all the suffering people. I try to console them with the Word of God, but also with deeds of corporal mercy,” he concludes.