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SYRIA: ISIS kidnaps 250 Christians from churches and checkposts


Christians kidnapped by ISIS

About 250 Christians reportedly kidnapped by ISIS either from churches or checkposts in Homs, Syria.

According to details, about 250 Christians have been abducted by Islamic State in a key strategic town in the province of Homs, Syria. The incidents of ISIS kidnapping Christians are increasing rapidly in the area.

As said by Nuri Kino – Founder of campaign group A Demand for Action (ADFA) Christians who went missing are all from the Syriac Orthodox or Syriac Catholic churches, whereas, the number of those being kidnapped steadily increasing.

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Nuri Kino, while speaking to Christian Today said,”It is difficult to say what exactly has happened, but relatives have been unable to reach those held by phone. Around 1,500 people were able to flee, however, many of them to the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Homs, Hama and environs.”

Additionally, a British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said, “The kidnapping took place during heavy clashes between ISIS militants and government forces in the town of Al Quaryatayn this week, which ISIS has now taken. It is the group’s biggest capture since taking Palmyra in May.”

Reportedly, among those kidnapped are 45 women, 19 children and 11 families. Moreover, SOHR also reveals that it was informed by its sources that the Christians who have been kidnapped were chosen according to name lists held by ISIS militants.