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Syria: ISIS kills Muslims who help Christians escape from a besieged town


ISIS in Syira

Muslim residents of al-Qaryatain; brutally killed by ISIS because they helped Christians escape.

Reports are that the terror group ISIS murdered all the Muslims who helped Christians run away from the fury of the unruly terror group which had besieged Syrian town of al-Qaryatain. Ever since ISIS besieges the town, about 230 Assyrian Christians were held hostage in the town. It was further reported that the terror group forced these remaining Christians to sign the “Dhimmi contracts” according to which they had to live under the Islamic rules.

Recently, al-Qarytain was liberated by the Syrian forces earlier this month. After the town was freed from the blockade, the remaining residents of the town detailed the plight of the persecution of Christians. The residents revealed that the Muslims who aided the Christians to flee were wiped out by ISIS, last October when majority of Christians fled from al-Qarytain.

Residents of al-Qarytain said that it was on or around 10 of October last month that most of the Christian hostages fled in small groups. Majority of these Christians fled toward another town Homs. Further it is also reported that the Christian girls were the first to flee the besieged town since the ISIS commanders wanted to force them to be their wives and sex slaves.

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As soon as the ISIS terrorists came to know that some of the Christians had managed to escape, they kidnapped 10 Christian men and subjected them to inhumane torture and forced them to convert to Islam or else get ready to die. Nonetheless, the remaining Christian families continued to flee using a specific farm.

“On that farm, five Christians and six Muslims were helping Christian families who arrived on foot to escape by organizing their journey to Homs and agreeing to keep the goods that the fugitives could not take with them,”

However, one day, the farm came under attack by militants from another terrorist organisation and the Christians who were trying to escape at that moment were killed along with the Muslims who were there helping them. As a result of this incident, ISIS came to know about the fact that the Muslim residents were involved in helping Christians.

“There were also Muslims killed in Qaryatayn while helping their fellow Christians flee the violence, in the hope of returning to live ‘a quiet and peaceable life’ in their land one day, as that provided for by St. Paul in the First Letter to Timothy,” the residents reported.