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Syria: ISIS reduces ransom price for release of kidnapped poor Christians


Assyrian Christians kidnapped by ISIS

Syrian Christians kidnapped by terror group ISIS inch closer to freedom, as their ransom money has been paid to the terror group.

According to media reports, a group of Syrian Christians who were kidnapped by ISIS are believed to believed to be getting closer to freedom from captivity of the terror group. Reportedly, ISIS reduced its demands for the release of these Christian hostages.

It was just recently, that the terror group considerably lessen its demands for ransom money for the release of 230 Assyrian Christians who were kidnapped by ISIS in February earlier this year. It was made know to the jihaidst group that the families of these Christians could not afford the high ransom amount which they had been demanding, therefore, the ransom amount was lessened.

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Syrian Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo told Fides News Agency that the initial ransom amounted to $100,000 per hostage however, “In the first attempted contact through intermediaries there was talk of an exorbitant request, amounting to $23million to free the Christian prisoners.”

Archbishop Hindo revealed, “Now the biggest obstacle regarding the release of our Assyrian brothers is no longer money, but the difficulty of how to organize the phase of liberation.”

“Four buses would be needed to release the hostages from the place of their seizure to get them back to Hassaké and avoid any danger of attacks. In any case, it would be a delicate operation, which in some way should be agreed with the Syrian army forces and Kurdish militias, so that everything proceeds smoothly.”

As a direct consequent of recent assault by ISIS, about 15,000 Assyrian Christian families have been imperilled as they either have been kidnapped or are compelled to flee along with the in progress civil war in Syria, which has completely devasted their lives.