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Syria: ISIS releases 25 Christian hostages who were kidnapped earlier this year


Assyrian Christians

Terror group Islamic State releases another 25 of its Christian captives.

According to details, about 25 Christians who were kidnapped by the terror group Islamic State, earlier this year in Syria have been released. These 25 Assyrian Christians include two children also.

In keeping with verified information the Assyrian Church of the East has been able to secure the release of 25 Assyrian Christians. A campaign group namely, A Demand for Action (ADFA), which fights for the rights of the battered religious minorities in the Middle East.

Photos of these Assyrian Christians, who got released, showed a clergyman along with the released Christians who were being transported on a bus. Moreover, photos reveal that two of the released Christians include two boys who appear to be aged between 9 to 12 years. They are first children hostages set free from the captivity by the terror group Islamic State.

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Earlier this year, in February, more than 200 Assyrian Christians were hooked by the terror group Islamic State from the Christian majority areas and villages along the Khabour River in northern Syria. Details have that these 25 Christians who have been set free by ISIS hail from the villages of Tal Jazirah, Tal Shamiran and Qabar Shamia.

Thus far, Islamic State has released about 113 Christian hostages out of more than 200 Christians who had been hooked by the terror group. The Assyrian church is continuing its endeavours to secure release of the remaining Christian hostages as negotiations are under way. In this regard, A Demand for Action (ADFA), has stated that the Church is working “day and night to make sure all are returned to their families safely.”

At the start, terror group ISIS put forward a demand for around $100,000 per hostage, totalling $23 million ransom from the Assyrian Christians. However, later on the terror group was informed that the Assyrian community was not wealthy enough to pay this much ransom, and so ISIS lowered the amount to between $12-$14 million.