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Syria: ISIS releases 50 Christian hostages


Syrian Christian refugees

ISIS releases 50 Christians who were held in its captivity.

According to details, ISIS has released at least 50 Christian hostages in Qaryatayn. On Sunday October 11, these Christian hostages were set free by ISIS (Daesh). These Christians after being free returned to their villages Zaydal and Fairuzeh. They were kidnapped by ISIS previously in August this year.

The villages from they belong are under the control of the Syrian government and Syrian army. A media source linked with the Assyrian Christians in the area verified the news and confirmed that at least 50 Christian hostages have been released by the terror group ISIS.

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However, shortly after few hours of their release, the media link of the Assyrian Christian community stated that a Syrian priest Jacques Murad, was not among those who were released. Jacques Murad was Prior of the Monastery of Mar Elian. Jacques Murad was carrying out dialogue with an intention to refurbish liberty to above 200 Christians and Muslims in Qaryatayn which is at the current time in the control of the jihadists of ISIS (Daesh.)

However, still there are more than two hundred Assyrian Christians who are in the captivity of ISIS. Their fate remains unknown as the terror group has demanded a ransom from their families. These Assyrian Christians were kidnapped by the ISIS jihadists in Khabur valley. ISIS conducted an offensive in the area earlier this year in February.

However, just last week the terror group ISIS also known as Daesh released a video in which three Christian captives of ISIS could be seen being executed by the jihadists after they would declare “I am a Nazarene (Christian)” They were killed by three ISIS executioners while at the same time they threatened to execute more Christian hostages if their families did not pay ransom which the ISIS kidnappers had demanded for their release.