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SYRIA: ISIS Releases 7 Bitter Rules For Christians:”Obey These Rules Or Die”


Terror group Islamic State has released seven hurtful warnings to the Christians living in Raqqa- a stronghold of ISIS in Syria.

ISIS issues 7 warnings to Christians living in Raqqa
ISIS issues 7 warnings to Christians living in Raqqa

According to media reports, the Islamic State has released a list of seven harsh rules for Christians living in the Syrian city of Raqqa. They have issed strict warnings saying,” Obey these rules or die.” These seven rules include never praying in public or committing “treachery” against the militant group ISIS.

The document issued to Christians by ISIS says al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS will safeguard ‘their selves, children, money and churches’, if Christians obey the strict list of rules laid down by the terror group.

According to the list, public worship and treachery against ISIS is forbidden, and Christians living in Raqqa are no longer allowed to construct churches or even repair any damaged churches in their villages. However, all acts of worship, including openly reading the Bible, must be carried out within a church, and never in public.

Moreover, Christians are also banned from publicly showing their crosses in Muslim areas or in their own market places, and are not allowed to “‘raise their voices when praying or in other acts of worship”. Additionally, Christians are ordered not to stop any of their fellow believers from converting to Islam.

The list concluded with a stern warning to Christians living in Raqqa: it is illegal, under pain of death, for them to “carry out any actions of enmity to the Islamic State such as helping air strikes locate their positions.