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Syria: Islamic State releases another 10 Assyrian Christian captives


Iraqi Christians

Terror group Islamic State release another 10 Assyrian Christian hostages.

In keeping with details, the terror group Islamic State has released a group of 10 Assyrian Christians, who were held hostage by the terror group. They were kidnapped by ISIS militant sin February earlier this year. They are among over 200 Assyrian Christians who were abducted by ISIS militants. All of these had been kidnapped from regions along the Khabur, Hassake province.

The Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights reports that among these Christians who have been released there are at least five women. There release was made possible only after the “gruelling series of negotiations conducted by the Eastern Assyrian Church”.

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It has been believed that there are still 140- 150 Christians in the captivity of the terrorists. Within intervals, the terror groups releases a small group of these Christian hostages after their families pay ransom. Moreover, the London based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has confirmed that the terror group has released ten Assyrian Christians. The observatory has reported that there are more than 250 thousand victims of the terrorism, conflict, war along with millions who have been displaced.

In February, earlier this year, Khabur area fell into the hands of the terror group ISIS, who took hundreds of local Christian residents hostage; in all probability to use them as human shields. However, in May, the Kurdish forces managed to defeat the terror group and drove out ISIS from at least 14 Christian villages.

Moreover, another Syrian priest Father Jacques Mourad, who had been released just recently from the captivity of ISIS has described his horrors while in the captivity of Islamic State. He was serving as priest of the Syrian Catholic Church and prior of the monastery of Mar Elian. He said that during the captivity he had a chance to meet the other Assyrian Christians who were kidnapped earlier this year.