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SYRIA: The ISIS Militant Who Sold Captive Females Killed In Airstrikes-Families Buying Back Thier Girls


According to latest reports the leader of the Islamic State terror group who sold the abducted girls in a slave market in Syria was killed as a result of air strikes by the US- led coalition. 34 other ISIS fighters were also killed along with him.

Female captives of ISIS
Female captives of ISIS

According to details, Mustafa Sulaiman Qarabash, also known as Abu Husam al-Iraqi was responsible for selling kidnapped girls in a slave market in Syria is said to have been killed near the al-Faruq mosque in Tal Afar close to the Syrian border. Husam was among 35 ISIS armed militants who were killed, and their base destroyed, during air strikes on ISIS positions near Gayara.
Estimates say, more than 5,000 Christian and Yazidi girls and women were taken captive by ISIS to be sold or given to fighters as slaves in August earlier this year. Due to the worsening humanitarian crisis in the region, the U.S.-led coalition has been conducting air strikes on ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria since August.

In the intervening time, about 150 of the kidnapped girls were lucky enough to come back to their families in Kurdish-controlled areas recently after families paid almost their one year’s income to buy them back. A 15-year-old girl kidnapped by ISIS, told the Christian Science Monitor that she and many others were taken to a school in Tel Afar. “Lots of men used to come and look around and when they would see a girl they liked they would say ‘I want to buy that one,'” she was quoted as saying. “There was an emir who was taking money for the girls – $1,000 to $1,500.” However, there are still many of the captive girls, living in areas of northern or western Iraq in the captivity of the ISIS, while many have been sold and sent to Syria or other countries, victims and their advocates told The New York Times.