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Syria: Thousands of Christians flee as ISIS attacks Christian majority cities



Tens and thousands of Christians flee as ISIS attacks a town in Syria.

The Assyrian Christian heartlands are now being targeted by the terror group ISIS.
In a fierce offensive launched by the terror group against a town near Sadad, in Syria; ISIS has forced thousands of Christians to flee from their homes.

Furthermore, Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh of the Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs and Hama has provided the Aid to the Church in New York related reports. The report says that ISIS has repeatedly targeted this area over and over again, as it has now become a sitting duck for the jihadist group. Once again the area has come under attack from ISIS. The terror group has frequently targeted the Christians in this area.

What is more, Archbishop Selwanos also informed an international charitable organisation that a town namely Maheen, which is only four miles from Sadad, has been captured by the ISIS militias and so the Christians in nearby towns of Sadad and Al-Hafar are fleeing from their homes in fear of anticipated advance from ISIS.

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Previously, just two years ago, ISIS militias captured Sadad and so hundreds of Christian residents were brutally killed by the ISIS jihadists. However, the Syrian military conducted an offensive and recaptured the town. Sadad is eyed as a sategically important spot as it lies in between Damascus and Homs.

In keeping with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Syrian military’s Brigadier-General Taleb Salamah from Tank Brigade 47, has been killed during the fierce fighting with the Islamic rebels. Additionally, a dead body of a Syrian pilot was also found in Homs, as he was shot by the militants after being hooked.

Archbishop Selwanos also reveals that according to a careful estimate 15,000 Christians have fled from Sadad to Homs, Zaidal and Fairouzeh. “We are afraid that ISIS – which God will hopefully prevent, will conquer the town. We would lose the centre of Christianity in our diocese.”

The Archbishop’s assistant, Father Luka Awad, said, “We are doing all we can to help them in their need. And there are many of them. We are currently working to get them registered. For the moment, our greatest worry is finding enough housing for the people. When the IS fighters conquered Al-Qaryatayn, they made the threat: ‘We will kill all of the Christians in Sadad.'”