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SYRIA: Thousands Of Christians Not Willing To Flee, Practicing Christianity Openly


Thousands of Christians reluctant to leave their homeland Syria determined to preserve their heritage and maintain the Christian population.


Christians in Syria
Christians in Syria

Christians all throughout the Middle East have been imperilled as they flee the rise of radical Islamist groups ever since the Syrian Civil War started. The exodus of Christians form Iraq was quickened after the Islamic State IS emptied Mosul, of its Christian population. However, several thousand Syriac Christians still remain in Syria they are resolutely determined not to leave but are claiming the land to which they lent their name as their inheritance.

According to an international media house, a number of Christian laymen and clergymen in Qamishli, were adamant that they must remain in the region to preserve their heritage and keep the territory Christian. Qamishli. Qamishli is a Syrian town whose Christian population has considerably reduced over time, mainly because people anticipated an advance from the Islamist terrorists. This town of about 5000 population of Christians is about 15 miles away from the Syrian headquarter of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS. However, strikingly, the Christians who remain have no plans to go underground.

Accordingly, the Clergymen are in particular, determined and adamant not to flee.Father Saliba, who has lost about half his congregation, went on to clarify the sense of loss saying: “ISIS did many things during this period to frighten us, so our people are migrating. Of course, as a church we don’t want anyone to migrate. But what can we do?”

The priests agree that the Islamic State also had an interest in eradicating Christianity from the region. They condemned the idea of leaving for the West, expressing understanding for those who have fled, but also expressing belief that church leaders have a responsibility to remain. However, in other areas, Christians have taken up arms and are continuing to practice Christianity openly.