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SYRIA: Wedding bells ring in a roofless bombed church


wedding in Homs

Hope still peeps out of the thick cloud of smoke of desperation.

At last something to cheer for Christians in a Syrian city Homs; as a wedding of a Christian couple was organised in bombed church. The church building was almost reduced to rubble when it was bombed by regime air strikes during the civil war.

According to details, Fadi and Rana fled their hometown Homs, which was severely targeted by the regime jets during the devastating civil war between rebel forces and the Syrian government.

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However, after the rebels have left but the trail of destruction is still there, the couple chose to return to their city to tie the knot accompanied by 2,000 other locals who had fled Homs over the past 12 months.

The wedding took place at St George church; in the Christian area known as Hamidiyah section of the Old City of Homs. The church building was badly damaged during the two years of fighting. What’s more, the roof of the church was completely destroyed along with major part of the building turned into rubble.

Photos of this incredible wedding were posted on the social media which are being hailed by masses. Messages of good wishes for the Syrian couple flooded in.

syrian wedding

homs wedding

One Facebook user wrote: ‘Congratulations, yours is the final return of peace and safety of Syria.’
Another said: ‘The will of life will also won victory through history.’
One added: ‘Life continues despite destruction and death.’