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Italian Parliamentarian takes notice of Petition for Sawan Masih

In response to the viral petition that is being signed from all over the world for the release of Sawan Masih, Italian Parliamentarian for the Democratic Party Paolo Petrini sent an open message to Adan Farhaj President of Federation of Pakistani Christian Associations Italy and Overseas Coordinator All Pakistan Christian League.

Sawan Masih’s Jail Trial Scheduled For 25th of July

LAHORE: Blasphemy accused Sawan Masih’s case hearing due on 25 of this month.    According to the details, Sawan Masih a 28 year old Christian, resident of...

Sawan Masih withdraws petition for bail

LAHORE:  Sawan Masih subjected to blasphemy charges, draws back petition for bail.   During the course of time, Sawan Masih has withdrawn petition for an after...

Sawan Masih case: SP requests for a jail trial

LAHORE:  The police headquarters superintendent requests a jail trial for Sawan Masih.   Along the lines of the details, Sawan Masih had been detained in Camp...