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Taj Pura hap: Obdurate action to be taken against miscreants says Federal Minister for Human Rights


Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael pledges stern action against the miscreants involved in sexual abuse of a Christian woman in Lahore’ Haji Park, Taj Pura area. “We did not get justice from anywhere, “mother of the victim said. Samra Bibi a Christian woman mother of five was sexually assaulted by three men, who were coercing her to disclose the whereabouts of her brother Bahadur.

Federal Minister for Human Rights takes notice of Taj Pura incident

“This is unfair on part of the people and organizations who had kept the victims with them. They should have moved a case on their behalf and her behalf. Victim’s medical examination should have been conducted,” said Kamran Michael-Federal Minister for Human Rights.

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“We have recovered them from Shiekhupura. We have assured the victimized family of all possible legal assistance.” He stated that Ministry for Human Rights assumes liability for all legal procedures binding in due course. “We will make sure that the law is triggered against the those responsible.”

The frightened family was asked by the Federal Minister for Human Rights return to their house. The family had left their house, soon after the incident. The Christian family was thrust in a flutter after Bahadur, eloped with a Muslim woman Sehar who was already married and mother of two. Sehar’s husband Amir had filed an FIR against Bahadur and his family claiming they had kidnapped his wife.

After few days, Amir, and three others broke into Samra’s house on Saturday, June 25. According to one version they humiliated her by stripping her in front of her mother, her two children, and in front of the neighborhood. However, in a statement she claimed she was sexually assaulted by three men. Their accomplice shut all her children in a room.

Samra claims the rapists were backed and sent by the Shad Bagh Police. She said that the men pressurized her to disclose the whereabouts of Bahadur, her brother. When she told the men that she had no clue where Bahadur had gone, they sexually assaulted her.