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“Take a legal route in pursuit of inalienable equal rights”: A legal expert advises Pakistani Christians


Pakistani Christians in particular youth should step forward and instigate peaceful demand for their rights as Pakistani citizens. Advocate Suba Bhatti advised Pakistani Christians to take up constitutional course in pursuit of equal rights.

Equal rights for Pakistani Christians

Advocate Sooba Bhatti who himself hails from Pakistan’ Christian community advised the Christians to strive for their constitutional rights, otherwise they will remain sidelined. “Unless you start pursuing your rights, you will be treated as tangential citizens,” he said. He warned the Christian youth to discern the factors that bar them from progressing. Beware of all such elements that try to keep you enslaved, he advised Christians.

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He warned Christians of any such leaders who try to snatch their right of vote. “You need to open your eyes to those who are trying to keep you diffident and paralyzed. Be of one accord,” he asserted. He went on to advise the Christians that they need to be aware of their rights provided by the constitution.

He said that Christians are being deprived of their rightful appointments in government run setups. There is a systematic drive to keep Christians lagging behind others. Christian youth is being deprived of education, jobs, and other facilities while a sense of harassment and intimidation is being inculcated in Christian youth.

“You need to break the shackles and get yourself free from iron fetters,” he asserted. He advised all the Christians to get united and thrust forward as one nation, and acquire your rightful legal and constitutional equal rights as citizens of Pakistan,” he said.