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Teacher incited anti-Christian hostility says father of Sharoon Masih


Ilyasab Masih, father of Sharoon Masih claims school teacher incited anti-Christians hatred which led to his son’s brutal killing. 17-year-old Christian student was ruthlessly lynched by his classmate at Government MC Model High School for Boys in Burewala city of Vehari District. Victim’s father talking to local media said that the incident was religiously motivated, which is plainly negated by the police.

Sharron Masih case

Ilyasab Masih resident of Chak 461, informed about the primary facts surrounding his son’s killing revealed that just a day before the incident a teacher has humiliated Sharoon calling him by the derogatory word used for Christians.

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“His teacher, Nazeer Mohal, sent him back home because he was not wearing the proper uniform. His mother told me later that evening that Sharoon had told her that the teacher had hit him in front of the whole class and also called him a Choohra, among other curse words. She said that he was quite upset at being humiliated in front of the whole class on the very first day of school,” Ilyasab recalled adding that he bought him a new uniform.

Detailing the excruciatingly agonizing moments he said: “Sharoon went to school wearing his new uniform. Hardly a few hours later, a Muslim neighbor whose son studies in the same school told us that Sharoon had been killed in school.”

“I cannot express the agony I went through when I saw my son’s dead body lying motionlessly on the hospital stretcher, his new blue shirt covered in dirt and blood,” Ilyasab said as he sketched the horrific incident. Sharoon’s family was told by his classmates that Ahmad Raza engaged Sharoon in a brawl; expressing annoyance because Sharoon had drunk water from the glass used by all students.

“We were at that time told that Ahmed had objected to Sharoon’s use of the glass, resulting in a fight between the two,” he maintains.“The teacher was not present in the classroom during that time, but some students did try to break up the fight,” he uttered. Sharoon’s family was informed that efforts were made in order to pacify them both meanwhile Sharoon managed to run out of the classroom. However, Ahmed chased him started bashing him mercilessly.

“It was probably then that he kicked him fatally in the abdomen or the chest,” Ilyasab Masih speculates as it is still unclear whether other students joined the assault. Shortly after this the students who had said that Ahmed had engaged Sharoon in a brawl changed their statement, because of this reason Ilyasab did not mention this in the first FIR filed on August 30. Days later, Ilyasab and senior police officials accompanied by representatives of the District Education Department visited Government MC Model High School for Boys, and interviewed students and staff.

Ilyasab Masih claims that initially some students told that it was because Ahmed had objected to Sharoon’s drinking water from the glass used by rest of the students. “No one stepped forward to confirm the claim that the fight had started over drinking water from the glass,” he said adding with despair: “We can do nothing but look to God for justice.”