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Terror group behind Lahore bombing vows to “keep killing Christians”


Christians persecuted in Pakistan

The terror group which claimed responsibility for the heinous suicide bombing at Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal park has declared that it will carry out further attacks against Pakistani Christians and other religious minorities.

The vicious Taliban faction that had claimed responsibility for the deadly attack identified its member who carried out the suicide bombing to NBC News. The faction exclusively provided NBS News information of the bomber’s training. As reported by NBC News, the terror group vowed to “keep killing Christians and other religious minorities.”

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A spokesman for the terror group which is a faction of the Pakistani Taliban, posted a photograph of the suicide bomber on it’s Facebook page. The terror group termed him a martyr who “carried out the attack on the eve of the Christian festival Easter.” The photo posted by the group matched the sketch based on eyewitness accounts.

The spokesman, further told NBC News that his group has further planned “devastating” attacks that will be targeting Pakistan’s Christians and other religious minorities in addition to government’s installations.

The deadly bombing in the densely crowded Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park killed more than 74 people, including women and children, whereas, more than 3oo were injured. Followed by the attack, the law enforcement agencies carried out massive paramilitary crackdown in and around Lahore.

While Pakistan’s Christians have urged the government to provide more protection to them. While talking after the attack, Irshad Ashknaz- Vicar of Christ Church said, “Terrorists didn’t used to be so focused on our community. Now all their attention is on us. Perhaps it’s time for the government to turn their attention toward us also.” “These people are roaming around freely and no one is stopping them,” he added.

The Bishop of Lahore- Irfan Jamil, is of the opinion that the government was trying its best. “There are people who live to live and there are people who live to die,” he said. “How much protection is enough protection against such people?” “But” he added, “There is always room for improvement. Many of us don’t feel that we are secure.”