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Terrorist arrested from Karachi confess involvement in Rawalpindi church attack


terrorist attack on churches in Pakistan

Police and intelligence authorities have hooked terrorists from a banned outfit; who have confessed involvement in carrying out attacks on a church in Rawalpindi.

In line with details, the police and intelligence agencies taking a joint course of action have arrested terrorists from Rizvia area of Karachi. The terrorists when interrogated by the police, later on, the terrorists confessed to have been involved in carrying out an attack on a church in Rawalpindi.

Soon after an interrogation report was issued by the law enforcement agencies, according to which the terrorists who have been arrested have revealed that they belonged to Shahid-ur-Rehman group of a banned terrorist outfit. The interrogation report further brought out to open the names of the terrorists who had been arrested.

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According to the interrogation report, one of the two arrested terrorists was identified as Mufti Fida and the other one as Maulvi Saeed. The terrorists further confessed that they played a part in brainwashing the terrorist who carried out the suicide blast at the church in Rawalpindi.

According to the interrogation report issued by the law enforcement agencies, the other terrorists of the group namely Muazz Noor and Abd ul Haq confessed to have been assigned the task of observing the individuals, who were to be attacked during their target killing drive. The rest of the terrorists namely Zafar Iqbal, Khurshid Khan, Sajid, Nazeer confessed to have been collecting funds for the banned terrorist organisations.

The interrogation report goes on to reveal that another seized terrorist identified as Junaid-ur-Rehman has confessed an involvement in planning the attacks on former president of Pakistan Rtd. Gen. Pervez Musharraf, along with being involved in the attack on the bus of SUPARCO employees. Police believes that Junaid is the one leading this arrested group of terrorists.