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Terrorists annihilate Christians’ villages in Democratic Republic of Congo


Christian persecution surges in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), marked by frequent incident of Christians facing persecution such as murder, rape, looting and abduction. The strident increase in Christian persecution is being interpreted as the strengthening of a terror group in the region.

Christians targeted in DR Congo

In recent past, about 36 people in North Kivu were attacked and killed in a single day. In the past two years it was the single most deadliest attack in the region. World Watch Monitor a Christian persecution watchdog, remarked that the recent victims were wiped out in heinous way as they were tied up and hacked to death. This is only an episode of the continuing attacks against Christians that happen weekly.

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Open Doors International said that attacks against Christians are becoming noticeable and generating a wave of fear among the locals. “Signs of recent attacks are visible everywhere on buildings dotted along the road. Smaller villages have been obliterated and hardly any civilian life is visible. Eighty percent of the households here have farms, but they cannot access them because it is simply too dangerous. This means no food and no revenue. They have become vulnerable to starvation,” a representative of Open Doors stated.

The terror group that formerly attempted a coup- and tried to overthrow the government of Uganda have lately been squaring up against the Christians in the DRC. Owing to the deteriorating situation, Pope Francis also offered prayers for peace in North Kivu.

“My thoughts go to the people of North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who have been recently hit with fresh massacres, which have for some time been perpetrated in shameful silence, without attracting even as much as our attention. Unfortunately, they are part of the too many innocent people who have no weight on world opinion,” Pope Francis stated.