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Terrorists are neither Muslims nor Christians: Pakistani Defence Minister


Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has reiterated that terrorists are adherents of none of the religions. As the country still reels from the current wave of terrorism, he said that Pakistan is partnering with the world in order to eradicate and uproot terrorism.

Defence Minister of Pakistan

Khawaja Asif was participating in a discussion on countering extremism and terrorism at the Munich Security Conference 2017. During the discussion he said that about ninety percent victims of terrorism are Muslims. He further asserted that terrorism is not synonymous to any religion. Further elaborating his point of view he stated that terrorists are neither Muslims nor Christians but only criminals.

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“This Islamophobia… it is fuel when terrorism is branded as Islamic terrorism. Since morning I have heard maybe a dozen times. President Donald Trump uses it very frequently,” he said. He further said: “We’ll counter this threat with full might of our state and we expect and hope that there will be cooperation from across the border in Afghanistan… because it’s a common fight. We have made mistakes in the past but for the last three years our armed forces have done a very good job and we intend to continue that.”

Pakistani Defence Minister further pointed finger at the policies of the Western countries saying that their policy to stay distant does no good for this cause. He said that their policy to stay aloof will only give rise to terrorism instead of eradicating it.

Khawaja Asif told those attending the Conference that the Pakistan will continue to be a front-line state in this war against terrorism and will remain faithful to this cause. This Conference was also attended by German Interior Minister, United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser, and European Union’s commissioner for Security. Senior government officials from various other countries from across the globe also participating in this conference.