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Terrorists seeking revenge: Interior Ministry warns a Christian Minister is on the hit-list of Taliban


Khalil Tahir Sindhu

LAHORE: A Pakistani Christian leader on the hit list of Taliban according to the Interior Ministry of Pakistan.

According to details, the Interior Ministry of Pakistan has recently issued a notice warning that a Pakistani Christian leader Khalil Tahir Sindhu is in serious danger. Moreover, Pakistan police has also expressed serious alarms over possible threats to the life of Khalil Tahir Sindu.

Khalil Tahir Sindhu, a 48-year-old, Christian minister in the government of Punjab and a lawyer. So far, Khalil has actively and successfully served many indicted of blasphemy. Khalil was among the close friends and a colleague of late Shahbaz Bhatti.

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Khalil Tahir Sindhu has the office of Provincial minister for Human Rights and Religious Minorities in the Punjab province. Pakistan’s Interior Ministry stated, “Khalil Tahir Sindhu, who is Christian minister for human rights and religious minorities in the Punjab province is in serious danger.”

However, Khalil Tahir Sindhu while talking with Vatican Insider, restated that, “I will continue this fight, as a follower of Jesus Christ, despite the terrorist threat. I will not give up, but will instead continue my mission, to defend the persecuted and those without a voice.”

At this occasion he also expressed a strong desire to meet Pope Francis. He is determined that threats will not be able to intimidate him and that he will continue his cause whatever the situation may be.

Recently, Police have issued serious threats to Chief Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif and Khalil Tahir Sindhu, saying they may be potential terrorist targets. Few weeks back, terrorists managed to eradicate Interiro Minister of Punjab Shuja Khanzada.

Punjab Minister Khalil Tahir Sindhu has become contentious to the terrorists because of his unswerving tussle against terrorism and religious extremism in Pakistan. He has been instrumental in making the dream of rule of law come true in Pakistan. What is more, Khalil Tahir Sindhu is also striving to disable the misuse of blasphemy law against religious minorities including Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis etc.

As a lawyer, Khalil Tahir Sindhu has managed to safe guard 37 Christians accused of blasphemy and got them acquitted. He has also been played a role in Asia Bibi’s blasphemy case a legal counsel. Moreover, he made valuable contribution in the Rimsha Masih blasphemy case also.

He took up his position as a Minister for Human Rights and Religious Minorities in the Punjab in 2013. During his term, he has managed to get essential bills to be approved such as implementation of 5% of jobs quota in public administration for religious minorities. He also managed to approve scholarships worth 30 million ofr students from religious minorities.

Most recently, as the war on terrorism has been stepped up by Government, Kahil In recent months, Sindhu appeared on television strongly condemning terrorism and termed terrorism as the “cancer of the nation.”

However, previously, due to serious threats to him and his family, Sindhu moved his family to London. “In these difficult circumstances, I feel a deep desire in my heart to meet Pope Francis and receive his blessing. I am in need of encouragement, spiritual strength and everyone’s prayers now,” he said.