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Terrorists Use Abducted Syrian Christians in War Zone


The terrorists group PYD (The Democratic Union Party) or PKK (The Kurdistan Workers’ Party) abduct Christian youngsters and sending them forcefully in Afrin and Syria in response of bullying and threatening to minority groups.

Terrorists Use Abducted Syrian Christians in War Zone

According to World Council of Arameans (WCA), YPG which is a branch of PYD/PKK, is exploiting Christians.

On January 19, the Syriac teenagers who were kidnapped included 7 Christians, 4 Armenians and 3 Arameans. According to local Christians the kidnapped teenagers confronted severe persecution.

WCA told that after a strong dialogue the terrorists released all the abducted youngsters. But a 20 year old Aramean Saliba adult is not yet released who was kidnapped by Asayesh in Qamishli. PYD/PKK terrorists had a base in Qamishli which is a Syrian city near Turkey border.

A friend of Saliba told that since last ten days the terrorist group is making fake promises about Saliba’s release.

An anonymous negotiator told that the terrorist group wants people to leave so they could captivate the area. They scared the people to grab their property.

Moreover, he told that the Asayesh informed that they have given the custody of the kidnapped boys to the YPG (the Kurdish armed unit).On the other hand YPG tells to consult Asayesh for the boy’s release.

WCA recently told that two more Christians identified as Isho Hanna and Elias Hanna are abducted by Asayesh.

These 19 years old boys are the university students of Hasakah. They were on their way to the University for taking exams. The youngsters had no training of arms but still they were oppressively taken from the local surroundings and are sent to the battle field in Afrin since they think of themselves the leader of the area, told a person who does not want to reveal his name.

The head of WCA, Johny Messo strictly condemned PYD/PKK and Asayesh terrorist activities in the reign. He said that Christians have been facing human rights violations, seizure of property, determent, scourge and abduction. WCA demand that Kurdish YPG soldiers give honor to the Arameans who are the residents of Syria.

The United States has been supporting to the YPG/PKK which fights against the terror group Daesh. Two million Christians had been residing in Syria before 2011 civil war in Syria. Arameans who fled from their homes due to civil war are in fact the natives of Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon.