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Texas: Christians stage a massive protest against inaugration of a church of Lucifer


Church of Lucifer

Christians strongly protest against the inauguration of a church of Lucifer in Houston, Texas, United States.

In keeping details, a Greater church of Lucifer has been inaugurated in the Old Town Spring area of Houston, Texas. Seeing this inauguration, Christians have staged great protest while the opening ceremony was going on. American Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family and Property members were also among those Christians who were angered at the inauguration of the greater church of Lucifer.

Moreover the protest was also attended by Christine Weick who has gained fame for taking active part in protests against the gay-marriages in front of the Supreme Court. “We are all Christians here, together against this. We ought to be filling up the whole street here that they have to pass through us to get into that church.” she said. “This is what we get when we have freedom of religion,” she added.

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At the same time, Michael Ford, Co-President of the GCOL defended his faith and newly opened churhc and said, “We have gatherings, but they’re not services. We don’t preach. We don’t have something that we try to tell people, ‘this is reality’.”

Michael Ford defended the opening of this church of Lucifer and argued that his group is not offering sacrifices of animals or is not involved in worshiping the devil. Moreover, he argued that his group was not trying to convert anyone to their faith.

According to a latest statement regarding this issue on GCOL’s website “As you have seen via the news it got a bit nasty out there but with the hard work of the organizers and local law enforcement everyone was safely able to express their freedoms.”

In the wake of the protest staged by Christians, the church of Lucifer has stated that its devotees see ‘Lucifer’ as “a symbol, an inspiration, an ally or a guide depending on how they perceive the world and personal spirituality.”