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Thai monks translate 200-year-old Buddhist scripture for pope


A mission to translate what is thought to be a two-century old scripture from Khmer into Italian, a gift to Pope Pius XI from King Rama VII, has been completed and is prepared to be shown at the Vatican Museum, as indicated by Buddhist authorities in Thailand.

Thai monks translate 200-year-old Buddhist scripture for pope

The old Khmer sacred text was displayed to the pope by the lord amid a visit to the Vatican 83 years ago. Phra Thepveeraporn, abbot of Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimonmangkhalaram — all the more ordinarily known as Wat Pho — in Bangkok, said Vatican authorities revealed to him a year ago that Pope Francis might want to show the antiquated Khmer-composed sacred text at the Vatican Museum.

However the pope understand the meaning and its context, so looked for the temple’s cooperation on the translation, he included. A working group was set up to translate the text, which took 11 months to finish. The 186 page interpreted sacred text — which arrives in a front of immaculate gold — will be shown at the Vatican Museum, together with the first form.

Cardinal Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovithavanij of Bangkok acknowledged the deciphered sacred writing in the interest of the Catholic Church. Mercier Vishnu Tanya, delegate secretary-general of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Thailand, said this is an awesome chance to show lessons of the Lord Buddha as the Vatican Museum attracts many people every year.